15 April

SocialMedia.ie Whiteboard Masterclass No.1 – Targeting Social Media Influencers.

This is the first in our series of videos explaining Digital Marketing concepts. This week we’re explaining Targeting and Influencers, two of the most important concepts for a focussed marketing strategy. [hana-code-insert name='Whiteboard 1' /]

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22 February

The Rise of Digital Video and Moving Pictures

In 2012, a short documentary about an African Warlord made history by becoming the fastest spreading online video. The phenomena broke records by reaching more people its first week of release than the highest rated TV series. Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, the African Guerilla movement using child soldiers, became the most talked about villain in America. Amazingly all this was made known by a small charity who posted a 30′ minute video on YouTube. Almost immediately ‘Kony 2012′ went viral gaining attention from icons such as Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey. Kony 2012 had sparked the rise of Online video and is one of the compelling reasons why we need to embrace this medium. Approximately 44% of Irish Companies are using YouTube in their digital strategy and with a staggering 800 million visitors worldwide, online video has the potential to be priceless. Video share your content by engaging the senses and emotions of the viewer. Plus it has minimal investment, which is always attractive. Videos can be shared across all social networks, communicating complex messages and enhancing your engagement with a wide audience.   According to Brightcove, B2B companies experienced a 36% annual sales increase after using Video. With 183 million Americans watching 37 billion Online videos in September 2012 alone, what’s keeping you? There are…

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Social Media: The Hall of Fame

The social media has become an integrated part of our digital world.  With the unstoppable development of new platforms, applications and channels it is essential to find paragons to follow. In the Hall of Fame we have depicted 10 examples of successful digitalised campaigns which have mixed creativity, insightful approach and the essence of social networking. Looking at achievements of Old Spice, Carlsberg, O2 and Blendtec, we can understand the groundwork of viral videos on YouTube. Humour, innovative implementations of traditions, organic interaction with fans lie in the heart of these flourishing stories. Incorporating Twitter and Facebook accounts by such brands as Meteor, Magic Hat Brewery, KLM Airlines  helps to construct a vibrant platform which provides the company with reliable feedback on the company’s goods and services. Simultaneously, usage of applications or competitions can maintain communication as well as the growth of the existing customer base.

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14 October

SocialMedia.ie Tribes Challenge 2011

  SocialMedia.ie is a specialist social media agency based in Dublin. Our sister website connector.TV is a blogger network that features news and stories about interesting people, communities and events around Ireland. Socialmedia.ie specialises in B2B whereas connector.TV concentrates on B2C. SocialMedia.ie has created SocialMedia.ie Tribes. Tribes are known as communities, groups or clubs with a shared passion or situation. According to mythical legend, there were many tribes inhabiting Ireland hundreds of years BC such as Fomhóire, Tuatha De Danann and the Nemedians. Every country has their own tribes and each has their own unique appearance and customs. In popular culture, the term Tribes was promoted by Seth Godin who has stated that ‘Tribes are groups of people connected to one another, connected to an idea’. These groups of people are connecting online and offline all around the world. From the surfers in Lahinch to the Leinster rugby fans to the hurling fanatics in Kilkenny, the Tribes in Ireland today come in all shapes and sizes. On the connector.TV blog we bring all these tribes together from Dublin to Cork to Belfast to London. We have people writing about subject areas they like such as arts & culture, film, fashion,…

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07 December

Free Seminar with Facebook: Personal Branding & Social Media

Facebook will be speaking this Friday at the free seminar: Learn how to use Free Software to Promote yourself Online. The seminar which is an initiative of the Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA), will take place at 10am at DIT Cathal Brugha Street. The 2 hour seminar is open to the public and will teach how to promote your own personal brand online using social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It will feature practical tips & case studies on how to build your own profile, how to differentiate yourself on the internet and build respect and endorsements online. Speaking at the event are Maggie McPartlin & Julien Muller of Facebook, Conor Lynch of SocialMedia.ie and Anthony Quigley of Digital Marketing Institute. To register for free please visit  www.itaa.ie/category/events or register on Facebook.

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