14 January

Social Media Advertising Options on Twitter

Advertising your organisation has always been essential in business. Through the various social media outlets this can achieved and managed very easily and with little effect to your bottom line. Over the next few weeks I will be exploring the various methods available to you and your business; looking into the finer details and explaining the nitty gritty bits. This week we’ll be starting with Twitter, so let’s dive right in. Twitter – Direct Advertising (1) Twitter Promoted Tweets These are tweets, paid for by advertisers, that appear at the top of twitter search results or members’ timelines when he/she logs in. They look like regular tweets with a “Promoted” label and are relatively unobtrusive. They have the advantage of  reaching consumers who might not necessarily follow the brand being promoted. Promoted Tweets are quite cost effective as they operate on a cost per engagement (CPE) basis. This means that the advertiser doesn’t pay unless someone replies, retweets, favourites, or clicks on it. (2) Twitter Promoted Trends These are trending topic links that appear on the Twitter home page and reflect what Twitter considers to be the most popular, real-time conversations on Twitter. Advertisers pay a flat fee to promote…

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07 December

5 Tips for making your own Social Media Policy

With the advent of social media, every business from your large, multinational corporation to your small, family-run business needs to have an online presence in order to create and sustain their future interests. Social media is so prolific that you might not even realise how much you and your business are already affected by it. Starting to build your own online presence can be aided greatly with a social media policy. Here are some tips for making your own policy: 1. What does social media mean for your organisation? Define what social media means to your organisation. Set out to your employees what the organisation’s online goals are. How they plan to achieve these goals and what their role is in it all. 2. Guidelines for representing the organisation Guide your employees on how to represent the organisation. This can be used to familiarise employees with different digital communications tools (facebook, twitter, etc.) and teach them how to represent the organisation approriately. 3. Be Polite offline and online The main thing when dealing with any person in business is to be polite. Just because you’re online and not in person does not change this. Clients appreciate and expect polite staff…

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20 October

Conor Lynch acts as a judge for The Appy Irish Application Awards

          Conor Lynch from socialmedia.ie has recently been judging apps for the 2011 Appy Awards. Conor has been wading through the many applicants trying to decide who is a worthy winner. This event is designed to honour the best and brightest in Ireland, in the development of applications for smartphones, tablets and social media platforms.  This year’s Appys were launched on September 12th and the award ceremony will take place in the Mansion House, Dublin 2 at 6.30pm on November the 3rd, 2011. To find out more about this great awards ceremony click here.

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26 July

Connector Events trials OWJO social commerce store

OWJO is an e-commerce service, a portable online store enabling people sell on any platform, such as Facebook, or any other website. It has been in development by designer David Johnston since 2006, with €1.5m invested into the company. The unique thing about OWJO is that it allows customers to buy on Facebook without redirecting them away from fanpages and websites during the sale. Also OWJO allows people to pay with  debit card (Laser) as well as with credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc). The service only earns money when sales are made and it has a competitive sales commission of 7pc. As a result, OWJO has received a large variety of adopters. Irish sports store Elverys use it to sell on social networks. The radio station Phantom FM uses it too. The service was also used to sell unseen Thin Lizzy artwork from the creator’s Facebook account. Here is an example of our OWJO store installed into our WordPress website to promote a Connector event. The same platform was also used on our Facebook page. [hana-code-insert name='OWJO' /] Here is the link for our OWJO shop on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/conne​ctor.tv?sk=app_112224982135009  

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14 December

Drive Sales on Facebook with Social Commerce

Many Irish companies are active across social media in one way or another, primarily on Facebook. But what is the next step for these companies in order to turn Facebook fans into customers? Social Commerce is the next logical step in the process. Most Facebook users do not like to navigate away from the site when using so although they are willing to ‘Like’ a company’s page they are often unwilling to visit their website to make a purchase. Also as far as younger Internet users are concerned Facebook IS the Internet, and they will seldom navigate away from the site while online. With Social Commerce it is possible to sell directly on Facebook without trying to pull users away from they’re recreational Internet use. There are dozens of  Facebook Apps to help you to set up a Facebook storefront and allow transactions through your existing eCommerce system or through PayPal. There are less that allow you to accept transactions by credit card and publish your store across multiple platforms including Facebook, MySpace and your website or blog.

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