12 February

Social Media Advertising Options on Facebook

Welcome back for part 2 in our series on advertising your business through social media. This week I’ll be looking at Facebook and showing you why it’s such a good option for your organisation. Facebook Facebook Ad Ads appear on the right-hand side of your Facebook profile and newsfeed. They take the form of ads from the specific company and require no social interaction. It’s very simple and can be used to transport the user to your organisation’s website or even your Facebook business page. This can easily be initiated from: https://www.facebook.com/advertising When promoting your Facebook page, you’re able to select where the user wll end up when they click on your ad. To get the most Likes, sending them to your timeline is usually the best option; there they can see the summary of your organisation and easily Like your page. On the other hand, if you want to promote another part of your page, you can easily send them to another area of your page. Be careful to make sure the user knows where they are going before clicking on the ad; it might be considered annoying and unwanted otherwise. If people expect one thing in the ad, and…

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14 January

Social Media Advertising Options on Twitter

Advertising your organisation has always been essential in business. Through the various social media outlets this can achieved and managed very easily and with little effect to your bottom line. Over the next few weeks I will be exploring the various methods available to you and your business; looking into the finer details and explaining the nitty gritty bits. This week we’ll be starting with Twitter, so let’s dive right in. Twitter – Direct Advertising (1) Twitter Promoted Tweets These are tweets, paid for by advertisers, that appear at the top of twitter search results or members’ timelines when he/she logs in. They look like regular tweets with a “Promoted” label and are relatively unobtrusive. They have the advantage of  reaching consumers who might not necessarily follow the brand being promoted. Promoted Tweets are quite cost effective as they operate on a cost per engagement (CPE) basis. This means that the advertiser doesn’t pay unless someone replies, retweets, favourites, or clicks on it. (2) Twitter Promoted Trends These are trending topic links that appear on the Twitter home page and reflect what Twitter considers to be the most popular, real-time conversations on Twitter. Advertisers pay a flat fee to promote…

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07 December

5 Tips for making your own Social Media Policy

With the advent of social media, every business from your large, multinational corporation to your small, family-run business needs to have an online presence in order to create and sustain their future interests. Social media is so prolific that you might not even realise how much you and your business are already affected by it. Starting to build your own online presence can be aided greatly with a social media policy. Here are some tips for making your own policy: 1. What does social media mean for your organisation? Define what social media means to your organisation. Set out to your employees what the organisation’s online goals are. How they plan to achieve these goals and what their role is in it all. 2. Guidelines for representing the organisation Guide your employees on how to represent the organisation. This can be used to familiarise employees with different digital communications tools (facebook, twitter, etc.) and teach them how to represent the organisation approriately. 3. Be Polite offline and online The main thing when dealing with any person in business is to be polite. Just because you’re online and not in person does not change this. Clients appreciate and expect polite staff…

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09 July

5 Social and Online Media Tips for the Travel, Tourism and Leisure Industry

‘Social networks are the second most influential source of online traffic for travel suppliers,’ according to research conducted by EyeforTravel.  Half of those surveyed said that they have generated bookings direct from social media while 20% quoted social media as their most important marketing component. Social media has never been more important for the travel, tourism and leisure industry. Below are some tips to help you succeed within a limited budget. It’s all about creativity and utilising the right platforms in the right way.   1. Pin it               Pinterest is great for selling travel according to Jillian Smith, director of tourism and leisure agency, ‘Turner Public Relations’. Think of Pinterest as an online brochure, showcasing your destination’s unique attractions, architecture, history and foods. St. Bernard Lodge, a rural bed and breakfast in Northern California, provides a good template for other small tourism businesses. Pin boards not only display who they are and what they sell, but also exhibit surrounding nature, stunning wildlife and local places to visit. Create boards that tell your story and add pins that reveal your business’ personality. What makes your hotel unique? Find it, define it and pin it.   2. Be Innovative…

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11 June

Coca Cola’s Social Media Strategy 2020: 5 Lessons SMEs Can Learn

Coca Cola may not be short of funds to spend on social media. They do however, have some vital lessons that even budget conscious SMEs can learn and apply. Coca Cola’s 2020 social media strategy isn’t all about money. It’s about people, storytelling and connectivity.     1. Cultivate Content Excellence Coca Cola are moving from creative excellence to content excellence. You can do so too by creating dynamic stories that add value to consumer’s lives. Ensure that your content is edited and filtered so that only the best emerges. Define your brand story. Coca Cola rejects traditional one-way storytelling and encourages you to spread your brand’s story across multiple channels. Remember images are a powerful medium. Coca Cola’s Facebook Timeline is rich in visual content that tells their story spanning from 1886 to the present day. The brand also encourages people to create their own content excellence. They share the best content they receive, offering people an incentive to create and converse.   2. Think Liquid and Linked Generate and inspire contagious ideas that are so powerful they cannot be controlled. When crafting liquid ideas your mind should be clear. However, bravery is encouraged. Stories should be connected but remain so…

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21 May

NDRC Inventorium Swequity Exchange seeks Entrepreneurs, Developers, Digital Marketers, Sales Executives & Designers

Social network for loners to hang out together? Website selling multicolored suits to female penguins? App which tells you are you indoors or outdoors? Got a better idea? Are you an expert in your industry? Interested in sharing your knowledge and working together to form new digital start-ups to help them move their ideas forward? At the moment The National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) is looking for your help. Are you: 1. Marketing Executive / Digital Marketer? 2. Creative / Designer? 3. Business Development Executive? A new programme from  NDRC is pioneering to spawn start-ups and match mentors up with new ventures this summer. The Swequity Exchange programme will take place at the Inventorium in the NDRC, which is based on Thomas Street in Dublin, starting on the 1st of June, 2012 and main mentoring taking place from the 9th of July until the 3rd of August with a Final Awards Ceremony on the 3rd of August. The programme is particularly reaching out to developers, marketers, business executives, sales executives, designers, entrepreneurs and those who have recently set up their own ventures. Help rewrite the way start-ups happen and get inspired by those passionate to make a change and bring…

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Tracking the Success of B2B Marketing Metrics – Infographic

Wondering how effective  your digital marketing efforts are? In recent years, marketing has evolved to an exact science and over 80% of marketers plan on spending more time and resources on metrics during 2012, as seen in the below infographic. To help you achieve this, we launched our new software tool BOSSMetrics which measures and helps you improve your digital marketing. Sign up for a free trial at  BOSSmetrics.com Tracking the Success of B2B Marketing – An infographic by the team at Pardot Marketing Automation  

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