07 July

5 tips for running a successful blog

Business blogs are always started with the best intentions, but somewhere along the way, the posts become scarce and eventually dry up altogether. The Daily Business Post asked Conor Lynch, CEO of SocialMedia.ie for his tips to create a great business blog that will attract readers and turned them into customers. 1. Choose a simple, responsive theme Creating a business blog, you should bear in mind that not everyone will be looking at it from their laptop or PC — which means you’ll need to choose a theme that is digitally responsive and displays perfectly on mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops, Lynch said. “Design is one of the most important factors for your blog. It has to have a user-friendly navigation and be visually appealing,” he said. Your main goal is to communicate with potential customers — so keep it simple, accessible, interactive and shareable. 2. Integrate your blog with social media It’s absolutely crucial to connect your blog with your main social network pages, Lynch said. You can do this easily using plugins or widgets which you can set up to post to your pages automatically as soon as a new post is published, minimising the amount of time you need to…

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08 November

Engaging Nonprofit Volunteers through Social Media

Volunteer Ireland are hosting the National Volunteer Management Conference today so naturally our interest spiked when they asked a member of our team to give a workshop on engaging volunteers through social media. We jumped at the chance, as here at connector360 we have a special place in our heart for nonprofit organizations and the great work they do. Our whiz kid project manager Sarah was chosen for the task due to her background working with The Irish Cancer Society. She got the head down and immersed herself in research on how nonprofits use social channels successfully. What did she find? They are pretty darn good at it! She packaged up her findings into a lovely presentation which you can find on Slideshare below: [hana-code-insert name='Engaging Nonprofit Volunteers Through Social Media' /] ; Engaging Volunteers through use of Social Media from Connector360 Some of the major insights she uncovered was the volunteers today are young, they’re generous and they are your online influencers. They share, share and keep on sharing the good work of the organizations they are involved with. So, connector360 is sending a call out to all young people out there to get involved with a charity that…

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12 February

Social Media Advertising Options on Facebook

Welcome back for part 2 in our series on advertising your business through social media. This week I’ll be looking at Facebook and showing you why it’s such a good option for your organisation. Facebook Facebook Ad Ads appear on the right-hand side of your Facebook profile and newsfeed. They take the form of ads from the specific company and require no social interaction. It’s very simple and can be used to transport the user to your organisation’s website or even your Facebook business page. This can easily be initiated from: https://www.facebook.com/advertising When promoting your Facebook page, you’re able to select where the user wll end up when they click on your ad. To get the most Likes, sending them to your timeline is usually the best option; there they can see the summary of your organisation and easily Like your page. On the other hand, if you want to promote another part of your page, you can easily send them to another area of your page. Be careful to make sure the user knows where they are going before clicking on the ad; it might be considered annoying and unwanted otherwise. If people expect one thing in the ad, and…

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14 January

Social Media Advertising Options on Twitter

Advertising your organisation has always been essential in business. Through the various social media outlets this can achieved and managed very easily and with little effect to your bottom line. Over the next few weeks I will be exploring the various methods available to you and your business; looking into the finer details and explaining the nitty gritty bits. This week we’ll be starting with Twitter, so let’s dive right in. Twitter – Direct Advertising (1) Twitter Promoted Tweets These are tweets, paid for by advertisers, that appear at the top of twitter search results or members’ timelines when he/she logs in. They look like regular tweets with a “Promoted” label and are relatively unobtrusive. They have the advantage of  reaching consumers who might not necessarily follow the brand being promoted. Promoted Tweets are quite cost effective as they operate on a cost per engagement (CPE) basis. This means that the advertiser doesn’t pay unless someone replies, retweets, favourites, or clicks on it. (2) Twitter Promoted Trends These are trending topic links that appear on the Twitter home page and reflect what Twitter considers to be the most popular, real-time conversations on Twitter. Advertisers pay a flat fee to promote…

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19 December

SocialMedia.ie Labs – Re-mixing marketing, media and technology!

SocialMedia.ie Labs were designed to help co-create innovative digital marketing campaigns with our clients.  Our goal is to create world class digital & social media campaigns for our clients in 2013. We bring a team of marketers, developers and creatives together to work on new ideas with your marketing team.  We will come up with stories about your brand and dream up the perfect mix of technology and media to get the word out there for you. Organisations with great strategies and campaigns are gaining considerable competitive advantage as more and more of our lives are happening online. Our collaborative approach is hugely beneficial and in these labs real campaign ideas are conceived and planned out for our clients to implement. SocialMedia.ie Labs can be booked by an organisation, be it commercial, educational or purely recreational!  From the team behind Connector Events, you can be sure this will be a valuable experience on many levels. OTHER SOCIALMEDIA.IE LABS -          Campaign Lab – Campaigns co-created by a team of marketing and technology specialists -          App Lab – Create really useful applications using Facebook Apps, Web Apps & Mobile Apps -          Digital Video Lab – Bring your stories to life with our…

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01 June

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Measure your Social Media activity

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if your online activity is having the effect you desire for your company. The Social Media Audit can be the solution to show how your online activity is helping to grow your business. Identify your business’s current online performance in key areas. Review current website and social media accounts & campaigns. Score your current level of activity bench-marked against best practice. Create an action plan to increase that score and improve your social media and digital marketing performance. When you audit your social presence, you are able to gather enough data from your own campaigns to help you improve your online marketing. Know why and how Social Media Audits can help your business to grow If you would like to know more about auditing and improving your online marketing, click here.  

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30 May

8 Tips for Success with Social Media Monitoring and Measurement

    A 2011 Awareness report identified ‘monitoring social media’ as one of the main challenges facing businesses in 2012. At the same time, social media budgets are expanding with 75% of marketers planning to increase their social media budget this year. No one can afford risk in a trembling economy. To achieve success you need to measure and monitor your social media efforts efficiently. Here are some tips to de-mystify measuring, monitoring and metrics and help you achieve success:   1. Plan to succeed   Establish a strategic social media plan by setting measurable goals that correspond directly with the goals and objectives of your business. The best way to set effective, measurable goals is to establish a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). There is no fixed set of KPIs that any one business should measure. However, important KPIs may include: the number of unique visits to the website, customer lifetime value, the number of comments and shares per post, engagement durations, conversion rates, number of downloads, traffic driven etc. Focus on SMART objectives ensuring that your KPIs are specific to your business, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. 2. Listen to the conversation   Are you listening…

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Social Media Tweets of the Week – 12th May 2012

Welcome to this weeks Tweets of the Week from @socialmedia_ie. It has been a busy week for David and Cian. They have been out presenting at the Digital Skills academy and at the Burlington Hotel. This week has also seen a lot of exciting developments for Bossmetrics. Our software has reached the final of the Irish Software Association Investor Forum. If you are interested in mastering Facebook then check out this post from Cian on mastering Edgerank. Also there are some great tips on Socia Media Reports in Google Analytics. Info about @google #analytics – digitalmarketinginstitute.ie/blog/social-me… — Social Media Ireland (@socialmedia_ie) May 9, 2012 @davidmcw2 talking about #socialmedia #marketingmetrics at digital skills academy #bossmetrics twitter.com/socialmedia_ie… — Social Media Ireland (@socialmedia_ie) May 9, 2012 BOSS Metrics reaches final of Irish Software Association Investor Forum #ndrc #launchpad – socialmedia.ie/boss-metrics-r… — Social Media Ireland (@socialmedia_ie) May 9, 2012 RT @cian_corbett: I wrote a new blog about mastering #Facebook by Mastering #Edgerank, some handy #socialmedia tips! socialmedia.ie/mastering-face… — Social Media Ireland (@socialmedia_ie) May 9, 2012 @Cian_Corbett presenting @SocialMedia_ie Mashup for @Sureskills now at the Burlington Hotel twitter.com/socialmedia_ie… — Social Media Ireland (@socialmedia_ie) May 9, 2012 To get great Social Media news as it happens, be sure…

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Social Media Tweets of the Week – 6th May 2012

Welcome to this weeks Tweets of the Week from @socialmedia_ie. This has been a great week for Bossmetrics. Our new Marketing software has been shortlisted for a pitching competition by the Irish Software Association.  If you are interested in WordPress be sure to check out the Twitter page #wordpress for great tips and plugins. Also a big Congrats to the students from #mn319 who presented their #eMarketing projects during the week. Congrats to all the students from #mn319 who presented their #eMarketing projects today in NUI maynooth! twitter.com/socialmedia_ie… — Social Media Ireland (@socialmedia_ie) May 4, 2012 Thanks Kerry! :) RT @kezzamcfezza: Great master class on #wordpress last night with @Cian_Corbett … blogtastic! #socialmedia — Social Media Ireland (@socialmedia_ie) May 3, 2012 Good to hear Irish dragon Sean O’Sullivan talk this evening about Product Management at ISA this evening at DIT event — Social Media Ireland (@socialmedia_ie) May 2, 2012 @Cian_Corbett and @dmcw2 talking to #startups about #socialmedia for @socialmedia_ie at #Ndrc #Launchpad twitter.com/socialmedia_ie… — Social Media Ireland (@socialmedia_ie) May 2, 2012 Thanks to Irish Software Assoc. for shortlisting @bossmetrics for a pitching competition held today … Great practice Tks #Ndrc #Launchpad — Social Media Ireland (@socialmedia_ie) May 1, 2012   To…

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Social Media Tweets of the Week – 29th April 2012

Welcome to this weeks Tweets of the Week from @socialmedia_ie.  Be sure to check out the Infographic on tracking the success of B2B Marketing by Ruta Danyte here. If you’re into advertising, Google offer some great tips on Adwords here. Social media-as-promotion is discussed in this article which offers a contemporary take on the 4 P’s of Marketing. Lastly make sure to sign up for Dublin Beta where you will also have a chance to see BOSS metrics in action.

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