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As digital communication continues to grow in importance, more and more organisations are turning to experts to evaluate their digital performance.  To develop strategy and allocate scarce resources, you need understand the effectiveness of your current digital, social and mobile marketing.  A great way to evaluate past performance and plan for the future is with a Digital Audit from This will give you a baseline and actionable recommendations to moving forward.

How it works

  • Our expert team reviews all your existing online marketing activities

  • Discuss social media goals and objectives with your team

  • Review your website and social media spaces and analytics

  • Utilise analytical tools to uncover and interpret key insights from your data

  • Benchmark your performance against industry averages and best practice

  • Recommend what activities to start, what to stop and what to change

  • Suggest new social media tools designed to improve social media performance

  • We outline a comprehensive action plan based on the results

Research areas

  • Website – SEO Optimisation, Social Media Optimisation, Website Analytics and Website Content

  • Blog – Content Strategy, Topics, Content Schedule & Content Sharing

  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn & more

  • Strategy – Campaigns and activities and where they can be improved

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