Our Courses

Social Media Masterclass
This Social Media  Masterclass will take you through the latest tools & techniques for creatively engaging in social media marketing. Through in-depth practical advice, we help attendees develop integrated marketing strategies with the latest tools for monitoring, measuring and managing social media. Social Media trainings. Read More >>


Facebook for Business Masterclass

This half day workshop is designed to help you make the most out of your Facebook Business Page. Facebook is THE biggest social networking site. However, launching and having a Facebook Page is not enough to reach your target audience. To grow your Facebook Page, you need to know the right strategies to promote it.
The workshop covers everything from how to set up and manage your initial page all the way through to advanced Facebook engagement techniques, as well as using Facebook Insights and third party analytics to measure, report on and improve your performance. Read More >>


Business Blogging Masterclass

This course is designed to enable non-technical people to setup and / or manage their own Blog / Website through WordPress CMS without any knowledge of programming languages.
It covers the basics of adding content including blogposts, standard webpages, menu items, text, images and video. It also covers choosing the appearance of your website using WordPress themes adding ‘widgets’, installing plugins, search engine optimisation and social media integration. Read More >>


Mobile Marketing Masterclass

Almost half the population of the earth now uses mobile communications.  A billion mobile subscribers were added in the last 4 years, leaving the total standing at 3.2 billion which is expected to reach 4 billion by 2018. With people now spending so much time on their phones and tablets, there is a growing need to prove the value of the medium – especially as that time begins to eat into existing content channels like TV.  Our Mobile Marketing class will equip you to excel in this massive growth sector. Read More >>


 YouTube Masterclass

YouTube owned by Google is the largest user-driven video content provider in the world; it has become a key international platform for social-enabled media diffusion.  According to public statistics, more than 48 hours of video content is uploaded every minute and 3 billion views are generated every day. Using video can help build an organisation’s and individual’s identity and brand.  You will learn how to create a video and the basics of video editing, set up a YouTube account and upload videos on your own channel and how to embed your video into your web pages. Plus much more!


Twitter Masterclass

Founded in 2006, Twitter has grown to be one of the most popular social networking sites with an estimated 250m unique visitors a month.  Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows people to publish (tweet), reply to and forwards posts that cannot exceed 140 characters in length.  It is a potentially rich avenue for companies and individuals to explore as part of their overall branding strategy.  You will learn how to set up an account, understand Twitter language, applications and the basic Twitter interface and how to connect with people you want to talk to most.


LinkedIn Masterclass

LinkedIn is a social networking site, mainly used for professional networking. Success on this site requires you to build your reputation with your existing professional connections as well as building new connections that will also hold you in high regard.  However, many LinkedIn users fail to do this and damage their reputations as a result. This masterclass will teach you how to use LinkedIn effectively, how to gain exposure, how to grow your business and how to engage customers.